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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Get Beautiful Skin

Beauty is not an overnight miracle it requires cautious care and a proper beauty routine to have flawless glow on it. If you are wondering how to get perfect glowing skin Experts suggests going with natural beauty products and Helga Arminak assures their on-time delivery in the market.

Golden Thumb Rule

Do: Make sure to remove makeup before going to bed.

Skin requires to breath and sleeping wearing makeup prevents it to do so. As makeup remains overnight on your face it clogs the pores and may cause skin blemishes and blackheads. So, if you have habit to sleep with make-up change it without wasting time. After removing your make up apply some olive oil on your skin by using cotton pad.

Don’ts and Do’s

Don’t: Never sleep wearing makeup.

  • Tanning and Skin

Do: Excessive sun exposure causes formation of wrinkles, age spots and other skin issues. Make sure to use sunscreen when you go out in the Sun. You can take help from your doctor to know about the exact range most suitable for your skin. Choose the right one for you that does not leads to block the pores.

Don’t: Ever walkout from your home without applying sunscreen.

  • Eat Healthy

Do: Be aware about what you put into your plate. Make sure to include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet to full-fill body’s requirement of proteins and vitamins. Take balance diet to keep your body moving.

Healthy eating leads to stunning glow on your face.

Don’t: Don’t eat too spicy and fried food says no! To junk food.

  • Sweat it out! with Exercise

Do: Exercising on daily basis keeps your blood circulation running apart from this it accelerate the cleansing of entire body. You will notice a glow on your face after work out. You can choose Running, jogging and yoga whichever suits you.

  • Quality Sleep  

Do: Try to sleep for at least 8 hours every night if you don’t get enough of sleep your skin get tired and it looks saggy and baggy. Quality sleep gives a chance to rejuvenate your skin.  

Don’t:  Never forget to moisturize your skin before sleeping.

  • Drink a Lots of Water

Do: Keep your body hydrated; drink lots of water drink at least 8 glasses of water. Eat vegetable, orange, grapes, orange, watermelon and cucumber they are enriched in water.

Don’t: Never skip the water. & nbsp; Apart from using these tips make sure to use natural beauty products such as Glitter Lip Stick, Multi-color Bead Lotion, Coconut Oil Mascara, Pearl Beads Serum, and Toxic-Free Deodorants and more.

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